Paraphrasing tool review

This website is dedicated to review paraphrasing tools available online. We also check rewording technologies, algorythms, any news about lingual sciences. You can find here all necessary information about text remake, including technical data, etical issues exploration, algorythms updates, paraphrasing methods reviews.

How your text can be paraphrased?

You text can be remade in handmade or automatically. Text may be reworded by changing words to synonyms. It can be reshuffled by switching, changing word order when statement beggining is moved to the end of the sentence. Some more improved tools for rewording may change sentence really impressive way so that anyone reading the text wouldn't think about AI use in rewording.

Plagiarism removal

Paraphrasing tools are used widely to change text so that plagiarism would disappear from the text. This technique of fighting plagiarism is actually successful, as most reworders would actually change text really hard and plagiarism detectors wouldn't find plagiarism after rewriting is done.

Top paraphrase tool?

When looking for rewording software, keep in mind that some people have already made research for you. And they probbaly sent rewriting and rechecking text again and again for many times looking for best result. Let's look what exactly you are looking for.

Paraphrasing tool is most usually needed for students or blogers. And their needs are greatly covered by most of paraphrasing websites. Creators of paraphrasers know that students want just get rid of plagiarism charges. if plagiarism detected in paper, students can either rewrite plagiarised sentences manually or use software for automated rephrase of text. And to our surprise, majority reworders actually help fighting plagiarism (or plagiarism checkers to be fair). While blogers need many content in short terms and want original content. What is more easy than rewriting text using automated rephraser? By rewriting text blogger can get original content and avoid charges of plagiarism. Softwares for text rewriting know this need too and their algorythms for sure are good at changing text so that text would look new and originally written.

Are you student or blogger?

The answer to this question is not important, as paraphrasers on internet will help you with this. Because both groups actually have same interest - eradicating plagiarism. Even if you are not actually student nor blogger, but you need to fix plagiarism, then paraphrasing tool of any provider would help you 100%.
Some, the best one paraphrasing tool can help you not simply changing words, but reshuffling words, sentences remaking and switching sentences in one paragraph. After our research, we can say, that each year paraphrasing software worldwide increase their efficiency by 1.5%. And some most efficient paraphrasing tool reach 75% efficiency in year 2020.

What if you need something more?

We heard and read many bragging about use of AI in rewording industry. You may not be surprise,d but no real AI is used in this field. The use of IF-THEN logic is enough to solve text rewording tasks. Normally we can expect the software to produce fair result of paraphrasing. We want the result to appear human written, synonyms used well chosen, stylistic greatly developed. This is where 90% of reworders fail. In our blog you will find which paraphrasers are really good.

Is there difference between reworder, rewriter, paraphrasing tool?

Yes, there is. But not everyone using these words know that they refer to different software type. Reworder is described as words changing to synonyms tool. Rewriter is software for changing sentence structure. And paraphrasing tool is the top software which covers all the above. It changes synonyms, remakes sentence structure and sometimes vene more, like insertion of different code symbols. In thois blog we will tell you which paraphrasing tool is top.

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