Education and using paraphrasing tool


The use and misuse of paraphrasing tools

People are nowadays using every single assistance from technology when it comes to writing essays, paragraphs, reviews, etc. Although paraphrasing software provide instant and finished essays by doing ones job, and are even considered to be extremely helpful and relieving, using them can sometimes represent an ethical dilemma. For instance, while some people find these software utilizing when learning a new language and use them due to the lack of their skills, others just use them to reduce their work and earn money without hard work. The fact that you can’t separate good and bad intentions of using these software is pretty irritable. On the other hand, plagiarism software exist for quite reason and their job is to catch cheaters and plagiarists, which is a good thing.

However, how can we differentiate between these two kinds of users, and is there a solution to make paraphrasing valid in every way? The answer to this question lays in the purposes of writing and of course, depends on the kind of job someone has to finish for a certain amount of payment.

We mentioned earlier that paraphrasing tools can lend a hand to people who are struggling with learning language and can be used for educational purposes. From my point of view, this should be the only purpose of paraphrasing software and I find other uses unfair. Furthermore, when writing scientific essays, these tools will be of great use because facts are facts and you are not stealing someone's achievements but rather using them as groundwork for further explanations and proving your point of view.

In contrast, there is a wrong use of paraphrasing tools that represent plagiarisms and theft and can be prosecuted. It should be clear that these people are not trying to find help due to the lack of their knowledge or the source of information, but purely because they want to reduce the amount of their work as much as they can while frauding those who pay them. This is known as cheating and my opinion is that they are not retelling ideas, but stealing them. For rephrasing to not be a theft it must be written by your hand in your own words which rely on information that you heard or read somewhere so that you can put your name under the assignment.

After all, the existence of plagiarism software seems to be enough for catching paraphrasing and bring justice to light.